Confessions of a Teenage Dreamer


the amount of hair i lose in the shower really concerns me

I don’t think anyone really needs me around. So… bye I guess.

So Chris and I are playing Mario party…

And we are on the train. And donkey Kong was in the front train car. And he gives you a free star. He and I are playing as Mario and Luigi. And we are playing against wario and waluigi. And well… this happened…

*Waluigi and Wario get a free star*
Me: Ahh, they finally got a star
Chris: And they got it for free. They couldn’t afford a star. They got a welfare star
Me: Hahahaha

Im so exhausted

We dont even have half of the unpacking undone.

And I just want to sleep.


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Has anyone noticed in the Disney movie Frozen….

That rapunzel and her Eugene are in the movie in one of the song scenes near the beginning? They are walking on the bridge while Anna is singing. I just noticed it tonight and got super excited.

Its so nice having my own apartment. I can walk around in just my underwear and not have to worry about people walking in on me. Whoot


I want to get tattoos and get laid


ZodiacChic Post:Taurus


ZodiacChic Post:Taurus